Paralegal Advantage Disclaimer

Legal Consulting, LLC is not a law firm and cannot provide legal representation or advice. The purpose of its services is to assist attorneys or with document preparation, legal consultation, or assistance as agreed upon between the supervising attorney and Legal Consulting, LLC.  Any client contact as part of that agreement is limited in accordance with the provisions of the ethical rules and considerations by the entities listed below. Legal or business documents will be drafted and presented to the responsible attorney or other professional for final approval prior to forwarding for review or signature to any client. Specific legal questions or complex problems should be directed to a licensed attorney of your choosing. Legal Consulting, LLC is not a substitute for a lawyer and is not subject to the rules and regulations governing the practice of law nor is it liable for loss or damages suffered from the consequence of the use of services provided under attorney supervision.

Legal Consulting, LLC, through its managing member, Terry McGannon, is aware and has a working knowledge of the ethical provisions and considerations of the following, and affirmatively abides by same:

ABA “Model Guide for the Utilization of Paralegal.” (revised 2003).
Colorado Bar Association “Guideline for the Utilization of Paralegals’” (approved by Board of Governors, May, 2008).

Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct, Appendix to Chapters 18-20, Rule 5.3 “Responsibilities Regarding Non-lawyer Assistants”.

National Federation of Paralegal Associations, “Model Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility for Paralegals and Guide for Enforcement.”



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