Mr. McGannon graduated with honors from Moorhead State University in 1982 and Magna Cum Laude from the University of North Dakota Law School in 1985.

He began the practice of law in Colorado in 1986 in association with the Joseph Ricci Law Firm and gained Terry McGannon a deep sense of ethics and professionalism from this experience.

The litigation experience he received from working with Mr. Ricci included complex matters such as civil rights litigation and commercial law.

A few years later, Mr. McGannon began the solo practice of law and successfully maintained that practice primarily in Colorado Springs, although an expertise developed in post-conviction criminal litigation with an emphasis on ineffectiveness of counsel cases. This expertise afforded him the opportunity to work with many experienced and lauded practitioners in the field and culminated in many colleagues retaining his services as an expert in the field of criminal defense.

In the early years of solo practice, Mr. McGannon supplemented his practice income with contract work for other attorneys, including Greg Walta and Dennis Hartley, two of the most experienced and well-regarded Colorado attorneys in criminal defense. These associations culminated in experience in complex federal criminal defense cases (e.g. RICO matters) and state and federal appellate work. These experiences led to the admission to the federal bar and experience in defending criminal cases as a private attorney and on appointment.

Ultimately, Mr. McGannon’s private practice entailed the representation of clients in a variety of areas of law to include family law, bankruptcy, and many sordid cases not uncommon to a general, solo practice of law. Nonetheless, the primary area of practice and the area he most enjoyed was criminal defense. Many notable successes and accomplishments were gained in this area of focus, and he became reputable as a competent and compassionate advocate for his clients. The expertise in post-conviction matters developed at first from court-appointed cases that culminated in a fair amount of private matters after successes and competency were achieved. A recent successful commutation of a life sentence is an example.

In 2008, Mr. McGannon ceased the practice of law and began working as a paralegal for local attorneys after his license was suspended for reasons that can be more fully discussed in person.



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